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Tarot Card Reading

An in-depth, ten-card Tarot Reading addressing multiple life “positions” as a way of identifying what energetic assets are available and what may be blocking the movement of life energy forward. This reading is a comprehensive and deep-dive into your life situation and all of those important questions.

60 Minutes/$100

Other Tarot Card layouts with accompanying fees are available which is best discussed during your free consultation.


Pannthera will also provide a complimentary check-in phone call one week after any of her readings for any additional questions and to see how the Tarot wisdom and magic is happening for you.

*Pannthera is not a licensed therapist and does not give medical advice. Any client experiencing psychological or medical symptoms should seek immediate health care.


If you would like to pay Pannthera with Venmo, please use the link below. We appreciate your business!

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