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Pannthera Tarot Reviews

“Pannthera’s Tarot reading was spot on for me. I was going through some personal happenings and wanted some clarity and direction. She was able to provide a reading without telling me what to do, but by providing some insight as to what was going on and I was able to see and decide for myself the direction I wanted to take. Her space is beautiful and she is a kind and supportive soul.

Thanks Pannthera!”

– Mandella.

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“I had my first tarot reading with Pannthera, and it was an incredible experience. She took the time to explain the entire process to me and create a comfortable atmosphere in her reading room, and her kind yet grounded demeanor helped me to open myself up more to the cards. I left the reading feeling I had a greater understanding of myself and where I’m at in my life. Highly recommend.”

– Alex

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“Whether you are new or seasoned when it comes to tarot reading, I highly recommend Pannthera’s services. I just had my first-ever tarot reading with her and it was wonderful. Since I live out of state, she accommodated me virtually. The process of meeting via zoom ran seamlessly and I still felt like I was getting the full experience. For example, she used a document reader which allowed me to see the cards in great detail as she deciphered them for me. Pannthera was kind, patient, and thorough in explaining the entire process. She routinely checked in to ensure I understood everything and answered all of my questions. The reading really felt customized to me as a person, and what I especially appreciated was that she offered different insights and recommendations for well-being based on the interpretation of my tarot cards. Pannthera has the loveliest disposition and I felt completely at ease with her.”

– Victoria

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“Thank you so much Pannthera for a very clear and concise Tarot reading. Your wisdom and knowledge made it simple for me to understand what my destiny is bringing me right now. It validated the choices I have made and is correct for my success, happiness, health and well-being. I used to think the Tarot was complicated but you made it simple and practical.

Dale Batch: Heart and Soul Healing.