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Pannthera currently resides in Carlsbad, CA with her spouse and two felines and is available for Tarot readings in person and via zoom and mobile readings by arrangement

Contact: Cell Phone: (760)845-7221, voicemail or text.

After an encounter with the Fairy Folk as a child Pannthera has always had a strong affinity with the other worldly. Pannthera is a native of the UK coupled with Celtic and Saami ancestry, indigenous reindeer herders of northern Europe with strong shamanistic influences. Pannthera has taken all of her experience in healing as a Registered Nurse, Nature Based Energy Worker, and her long-time estoteric study to her passion of reading Tarot Cards. Not only is she an intuitive reader and well-versed in traditional Tarot, she has many associations and correspondences to add to the messages of the Tarot Cards, such as: Elementals, Western Hermetic Magic, Astrology, Qabalah, Fairy and Forest Folk, Angels, and many more so that clients will not only find the associations that best resonate with them but also experience clarity, empowerment and healing in a safe and confidential space.


 And, in studying the works of Carl Jung, Pannthera has discovered that feelings such as unease, distraction and unsurety of one’s life purpose can be powerful manifestations of the personal and collective unconscious, which can be accessed through the language of the Tarot, thus providing a life “map” to navigate life’s stages and situations*.


Pannthera is currently a Presiding Priestess at the Goddess Studio of Escondido and also co-creatrix to its founder, Amalya whose lifetime work has been in service of the Sacred Feminine. Pannthera’s roles include designing altars and building interactive displays for participants, writing and performing chants with drumming, developing meaningful and sacred rituals by aspecting manifestations of The Great Mother Goddess, co-facilitating women’s groups in a Sacred and safe space and teaching Tarot card classes for Priestesses-in-Training.



In addition to a life-long esoteric study and immersion in the works of Carl Jung, world spirituality, religions, mythology, nature, magic and mysticism especially as these connections to the Tarot, Pannthera is:

  • High School Graduate, UK
  • Diploma of Nursing, London, UK.
  • Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA.
  • First Veil Priestess Training Program, The Goddess Studio, Escondido, CA.
  • 2-Year Tarot Study with Ellen Goldberg, World renowned Tarot, Palm Reader, Astrologer and Mystic.
  • 1-Year Oracle Card Study by Denise Linn, World renowned Oracle Reader.

Certificates & Licenses

  • Registered Nurse CA., United States
  • AA-degree in Transfer studies
  • First Veil Priestess Training Program
  • Ordination as Priestess in the Universal Life Church
  • Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Reader
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