Pannthera Tarot

Tarot Class is in Session

When Amalya from the Goddess Studio of Escondido approached Pannthera to present a whole day of Tarot to the Priestess Students, Pannthera was delighted to engage in two of her passions, Tarot and Teaching. The morning of the class was spent in presenting a power point all about energetically layering the Tarot with Qabalah, astrology, numerology and intuitive correspondences. The afternoon session started with a poignant and heartfelt homage to Pamela Coleman Smith, the often unacknowledged “mother” of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. In reading her poem “alone” we definitely felt Pamela’s presence in the classroom. The rest of the afternoon was spent practicing what we had learned. The atmosphere was energetic, electric and most of all—fun!


Pannthera Tarot Class
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